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The Future Us Grant

The Bento Society's mission is to explore the frontiers of value and self-interest. The Future Us Grant is a new, quarterly $1,500 grant given to a project or person working on the frontiers of value and self-interest.

The grant is voted on by the Bento Society's global members and collectively funded through their membership.

What kinds of projects is the Future Us Grant for?

Projects defining or exploring new forms of value. The most important metrics of the 21st century might not have been invented yet. We would love to support projects that are defining or measuring non-financial values, or exploring alternative forms of value.

Projects defining or exploring new concepts of self. The Bento Society is focused on the shift to post-individualism and new forms of collective identity. Projects researching, writing about, or exploring new concepts of the self are exciting to us.

Projects supporting or amplifying the voices of future generations. This is called the Future Us Grant for a reason. We would be grateful to support projects that speak for the voices of younger generations and people not yet born to better connect us with our future selves.

Eligibility. Projects around the world are eligible, as are non-profits and for-profits, individuals and collective entities, and everything from art to R&D.

You can learn more and apply for the Future Us Grant here.

The first recipient will be announced later this month.