Bento Groups

Ten people enter a virtual room. They come from around the world and different walks of life. None of them have met before this moment. 

To start, one person reads aloud a set of instructions that begins by explaining that they’re reading out loud a set of instructions that will guide them through an experience. Moments later, each member takes a turn introducing themselves and their journey together begins.

These are the opening moments of a Bento Group. Scripted journeys co-experienced by a group of people. Each week they take turns reading aloud guided instructions for interactive and introspective experiences. 

What makes Bento Groups unique

There is no outside moderator in a Bento Group. The room is held and defined by its members. Each group reflects the culture and experiences of the people who comprise it.

The Bento Group experience is broken down into seasons, each with six weekly episodes. Each episode is focused on teaching a different tool: tools for self-awareness, for articulating your values, for decision-making, for handling group conflict. You learn these tools not by reading about them, but by experiencing them in a safe space with others. 

As the six episodes go along, they build on each other, creating a progressive journey. Each of the three seasons has a different theme:

  • Season One: Intro to the Bento Method — Learn your values and how to make consistent decisions in line with them.

  • Season Two: The Bento Method IRL — Role-play and collective experiences to help you apply the Bento Method in practical situations.

  • Season Three: Strategies and goals with the Bento Method — Conceptualize clear goals and map the path to best possible outcomes using the Bento.

What do people get out of this?

Here’s what past participants have said:

“It has been an enriching and inspiring experience. I've learned more about myself and my wonderful friends who are kindred spirits. I'm so thankful for this community and all that we learn and share.”

“I found participation in the Bento Group to be very humanizing and deeply comforting. I feel fortunate to have stumbled across it and would recommend the experience to anyone who is curious about people, society, and creating a better possible future.”

“It’s a safe space for you to connect, reflect and be thoughtful in a way that I have never experienced before. It was magical.”