Our Mission

The Bento Society is a community of people committed to being more than Now Me.

Our mission is to redefine what the world sees as valuable and in its self-interest.

The Bento Society does this three ways:

  1. First, by teaching individuals the Bento and creating an organic community of people who use the framework in their daily lives
  2. Next, by bringing Bentoism into organizations, communities, families and other social structures to help set priorities and shift our horizons
  3. Last, by funding and conducting research, projects, and forms of media that better define this new map to what’s valuable and in our self-interest

We're heavily inspired by Thomas Kuhn's idea of "normal science." Even in the wake of a significant paradigm change, these new ideas only become useful once the process of "normal science" does the iterative, challenging work of trying to apply this new paradigm to the real world. The Bento Society will help push forward the normal science of defining new values and this larger map to our self-interest.