Practicing Bentoism

A simple exercise that you can practice to gain a more Bentoist perspective is the Weekly Bento. This post explains how it works. It's a very simple way to prioritize your time and energy beyond the here and now.

  1. On a blank piece of paper, write “How should I use my energy?” and draw a Bento.
  1. Ask what each dimension of your self-interest says. What do your Now Me, your Future Me, your Now Us, and Future Us voices say you should do? Write down whatever those perspectives say is important. (If you don’t understand what’s meant by those phrases, start here.)

  2. After you write down what comes to mind in each box, take a minute to review what you’ve written. Use those answers to connect with what’s most important, and make your priority list for the week ahead.

For more, visit this post.

Other ways to get involved

The Bento Society newsletter provides monthly updates on how to use Bentoism, examples of Bentoist thinking in history and current events, and invitations to community gatherings. To read and subscribe, click here.

The Bentoism message board is where people gather to share their experiences with Bentoism, and to post links and articles related to post-capitalism and new values. Join here.

Bentoism workshop "Experiments" where people gather in living rooms and video chatrooms to learn the Bentoism model, get practice making self-coherent choices, and pair with another person interested in Bentoism. To be notified of future Bentoism workshops, you can subscribe to the newsletter above. Yancey Strickler's events are listed here.

If you're interested in hosting a workshop or applying Bentoist thinking to your organization, you can send a message to