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Weekly Bento gatherings, where people come together to engage their active awareness and prepare themselves for the week ahead, take place every Sunday and last just twenty minutes. To join, RSVP here. More on the Weekly Bento practice here.

Bentoism workshops are where people learn the Bentoism model, are guided how to discover their values, and get practice making self-coherent choices. To be notified of future workshops, you can subscribe to the newsletter above. Yancey Strickler's events are listed here. If you're interested in setting up a workshop you can send a message to

Bentoism for organizations is a consultancy that helps organizations create a compass for their leadership and team to make consistent, coherent decisions together. Without a strong Values Stack, organizations will default to the whims of its power structure. To create meaning and prosperity over the long term, a greater sense of self-awareness is required. If you're interested in learning more about this for your organization you can send a message to