Since March 2020, a group of people have gathered online every Sunday.

At first, the time was mostly introspective. They learned to better see and hear the dimensions of themselves.

The gatherings began to evolve. People started sharing and learning from each other. Suddenly a community — organic, egalitarian, co-created — began to form.

These gatherings have never been posted on social media. They've only been shared on an email list and this small website floating in the far corners of cyberspace. Together we're discovering what it means to be self-coherent.

If a space like this would be meaningful to you, please join us.

Weekly Bentos take place every Sunday at 12pm EST and last thirty minutes, with additional time for discussion. Watch a past Weekly Bento here.

Group Bentos take place every Wednesday at 3pm EST and last one hour. They go deeper and are based on interactive discussions and collective problem-solving. Watch a past Group Bento here.

Retro Bentos take place every Friday at 3pm and last thirty minutes. This is a space for reflection and accountability on the previous week. Watch a Retro Bento here.

RSVP for Bentoism events here.

Other ways to connect: